Wednesday, December 20

Merry Christmas to one and all

This will probably be my last blog before the 25th so Christmas wishes etc etc etc.

My friend Paul who lives in Spain (and enjoys rubbing that in as often as he can) commented on my previous blog how much he prefers the muted Christmas celebrations in Spain in comparison with the consumer frenzy emerging every September in grey, pissy little Britain.

I must say, I agree with him entirely.

Before anyone dismisses these sentiments as bah-humbugging, let us stop and examine the nature of bahhumbuggers before making any judgements because it is my supposition that many people are mislabelled as bah humbuggers unfairly, untruly and incorrectly.

I am sure you all will accept that the traditional response to anyone expressing a negative opinion on Christmas celebrations or making a derogatory comment touching upon any element of Christmas is 'Scrooge' or 'Oooo Bah-humbug to you to'.

I think this is entirely inappropriate on three levels.

1. Most 'Bahhumbug' responses given are completely reactionary in that they are awarded no matter how slight any inference that not all about Christmas is wonderful.
2. Bahhumbuggers are actually the true carriers of the Christmas message. It is those people who purchase the entirety of the Argos catalogue outdoor decorations to adorn the front of their dwellings that misinterpret the spirit of Christmas. The original Christmas was a humble, quiet and reflective affair. Just because Baileys Liqueur and Boots Perfume Counter has jumped on the band wagon doesn't mean we should interpret Christmas as a consumption fest with fluorescent lights and crazy singing.
3. There was a third level and it was a good third level but I can't remember it because I have Alzheimer's and I can't be bothered sitting here for thirty minutes to try to remember it again. It was persuasive, perceptive and entirely true you can be assured however.

If you would like to donate your own point three in the charitable, 'help thy neighbour' spirit of Christmas , please do so.

Monday, December 11

I'm just going outside and may be some time

Monday 11th December 2006.


18 days since my last blog.

The loneliness is starting to get to me now…… I thought I heard the voice of someone I knew last night. It was only the wind.

I don't know if anyone is reading this…. I have to carry on believing they are or else…. I don't think I can go on my own anymore.

The nights seem to be getting darker and darker by the day and the cold only makes me more aware of the absence of other human beings.

If can I just ride through these next few days and weeks, I might be able to survive and survive stronger than before.

I pray daily that the good Lord will give me the strength to carry on in the face of such fearsome silence.

Tell my husband I love him.