Monday, September 1

I’ve been on a reading roll for the past five or so months. And by that I mean, everything I have been reading I have really got along well with. Most of my reads have been those that have been on my ‘Must Read’ list for several years. Ones that for one reason or another have been passed up in favour of others.

I could wax lyrical about all of them (with the exception of TWO. A.S. Byatt, Persuasion and surprisingly, Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and The Margarita – both of whom I begun twice and drifted away from twice)

The most memorable of all prize will undoubtedly go to my current, The Kite Runner. I am at page 277 and will finish it tonight. Mostly when I finish a book I enjoy I feel rather sad and ‘miss’ it for the couple of days or more it takes me to find another and hit that stage of ‘engrossment’ you get where you can’t wait for your lunch hour, journey home etc so you can start reading it again.

I am not sure whether I will experience that feeling tonight, despite the fact I think the book extraordinary and utterly engaging.

Reason being is that I have been feeling mostly pretty upset throughout reading the book. Today I cried for the fifth time. The first session I had with it, I sobbed. So much so in fact that when I got off the train in tears and got into my car, I had to sit at the wheel for five minutes purging my sadness before I was in state to start driving home! I then went to bed that night sobbing also.

I don’t think I am unusual in this respect. The Kite Runner was pressed upon me by my sister who warned me that I would find it difficult. My boss looked almost fearful when catching sight of it upon my desk and a colleague informed me he had comforted his girlfriend only a few months ago as she worked her way through it.

I’m sure most regular readers will have actually read it by now. As with most books, I am terribly behind the times. If you haven’t though, I do recommend it and a box three-ply of tissues.

Re. future reads…..I am sun-holidaying next month and require a couple of suitable books therefore. I do think that holiday books are a genre of their own and don’t have any front-running candidates at the moment. If anyone has any recommendations, I would most gratefully hear them.


Anonymous said...

hey ,

im glad you read it, it is a must read.

i bought marching powder today, sadly when i was travelling lots of people were reading it and i couldnt get hold of it, enlgish books were hard to get and expensive.

you would have been shocked by the choice of english books insome countries.

what a great job that would be to pick books for book shops abroad. you would think they would have a good selection as alot of people learn english, this wasnt alway so.

we did find one great store in mexico that had eco english books and they were very cheap, they had alice in wonderland and oliver twist, they were penguin books actually.

eco and penguin!!

holt cow is pretty good. not one that will keep in your thought for a while , but its about india and a girl that travels there and has a love hate relationship then has to move there 10 years later. its more the descriptions about aspects of india that pull at you heart strings and make you laugh , if you have a place in you heart for it like we do. so maybe next time you read a book like kite runner go for holy cow next.


Lady Eldridge said...

I won't read Kite Runner now. I don't want to sob - I'm back at work after 2 weeks off and thats enough to make anyone sob so it is.