Wednesday, March 18

So. Two substantial changes planned for the House of Barbosa in the near future.

First change. For a one-month trial period, I shall be upgrading to 'Vegan'. This next step of my journey to Sainthood has been some while in the coming; my addiction to all things cheese has however, caused no end of procrastination. I feel the time has now come, nevertheless, for me to step into a new world of dairylessness.

I am actually quite looking forward to it. The family aren't. Understandably. In mitigation I would say I am not a demanding veggie, thus, there is no reason to expect me to be anything other than my unexacting self as a vegan.

Change number two. Having decided I shall resist the urge to move out of my current abode immediate upon qualification, and anticipating my search for London-based employment to be futile in the current climes, I have decided to do some home-improvements.

Particularly, I shall be granting myself one of my 'One hundred things to do before I die' wishes, and shall gift myself my own library. Handily converted from the currently-existing dining room.

This is horrendously exciting. First improvement will be to take up the carpet and revert to the lovely original wooden floorboards (originally covered over as plebeian house-hunters apparently prefer carpet. Will require large sanding machine and glaze or some such thing I reckon) Second, as an utter cliche, but nonetheless a marvelous one, the purchase of a large old leather armchair.n(Sudden thought, I pledged to buy no more leather furniture. Hmmm - perhaps this aspect needs some reassessment). Third, purchase of a 'full of character and charmingly battered' writing table. Fourth, import of Persian rug from lounge into 'library'. Fifth, naturally, installation of multitude of book shelves.

Oh joyful.

I should take up pipe-smoking too. That'd work.

Which would itself require a smoking-jacket of course. Red and black silk blatantly.

Maybe a Fez even.

Oh the possibilities. If only I could install a domed roof...


Lady Eldridge of the South but should be North said...

I insist you have one of these

Natalie said...

Nice! Maybe i should only have candlelight in the room though. Oil burners? Get the electricity stripped out?

Anonymous said...

For your dairy-free festival of Oestre, may I recommend a dairy-free chocolate bunny, manufactured by Messrs Sweet William and available from Mr J Sainsbury?

It is confected, as it should be, with cocoa butter in place of milk poweder, surely the unimaginative chocolatier's ingredient.

I remain your servant

Natalie said...

I am grateful for the Easter-tide advice, Sir. Alas, it is not edibles of the sweet variety that my natures craves. I mourn instead for the delights of cheddar, Camembert and others of a similar ilk of which there is no pleasing vegan-alternative.